By 2002, SMNA’s attempts to gain a stronger voice with County Planning to modify industrial-commercial land use requirements to be more rural or agricultural in nature had not been successful. In response, the SMNA Board of Directors attempt to determine if it is financially feasible to form a Township to gain authority over land use planning in San Martin. The Board of Directors of SMNA worked with Economic and Planning Systems (EPS) based in Sacramento and Berkeley to prepare the financial feasibility study. Due to strong opposition from County and high LAFCO fees the incorporation effort was dropped.

Lusamerica – Fish Distribution Plant

In March 2002, numerous community residents expressed serious concerns about this land use application on California and Monterey Roads.    The applicant chose to let the above application expire and purchased an alternative site in Morgan Hill where they built their facility.



On January, 2003 a well in Morgan Hill was closed due to Perchlorate contamination. Over the next ten years, former SMNA President, Sylvia Hamilton, other concerned residents and interested parties took an active role in helping to negotiate Olin’s responsibility in the contamination. San Martin homeowners with high levels of perchlorate detected in their wells were supplied with free bottled water while the affected aquifer was being cleaned up.   The perchlorate cleanup system was activated and by now and almost all the affected wells have federally accepted levels of 6pbb perchlorate or less.  Only five wells still receive bottled water and another three wells have an ion-exchange system.

The Perchlorate Advisory Group meets biannually and the next meeting is on December 3, 2015.  The public is encouraged to participate and those interested in attending should contact Andria Ventura at or 415 369 9166.

San Martin Airport


In 2002, the Draft County Airport (now San Martin) Master Plan was presented to the public. Key elements were to extend runway length from 3,100 to 5,000 feet, widen runway from 75 to 100 feet, increase runway and taxiways strength from 12,500 pounds capacity to 35,000 pounds capacity, acquire 330 acres in addition to current airport land, add another fixed base operator to provide fuel, maintenance and covered aircraft storage. Construct 36 box hangars for larger aircraft and provide space for terminal and maintenance building for County staff, flight planning and restaurant.  The EIR has not yet been prepared and the 2006 Draft Plan has not been finalized.