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The preferred alternative alignment is scheduled to be identified in December 2019. It will be documented in the Draft EIR/EIS to be published in December 2019 for public review and comment. The route will most likely run close to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) through most of San Martin and will result in some changes to the local road system.
In particular, in the center of San Martin and where San Martin Avenue, Middle Avenue, Church Avenue and Masten Avenue would cross the HSR/UPRR alignments. In addition, in order to maintain speeds of up to 185 miles per hour through San Martin, depending upon the alternative selected, the Monterey Road/UPRR corridor could need to be realigned to the west of their present alignments. This could affect property on the west side of Monterey Road from either north of Roosevelt Avenue or north of Chester Avenue all the way north of California Avenue and Llagas Creek up towards Middle Avenue. The impacts would vary depending upon whether the HSR is elevated on a viaduct, or on an embankment, or a blended system at grade along the potential alignments through San Martin.