February 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

WHEN: Tues, Feb 11, 2020  @ 10:00 am

WHAT: Public Hearing – Board of Supervisors will consider Ordinance amending various sections of the County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code Appendix I (Zoning) for the purpose of regulating Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in accordance with State law, including Junior ADUs and Movable Tiny Houses.

WHERE: Board of Supervisors Chambers, 70 W Hedding St, 1st Floor, San Jose, 95110

WHY:  When communities show up in a group, it sends a message that they are serious and expect to be heard and taken seriously. San Martin must not only show up BUT show that we are passionate and Intend TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE to protect our rural community.

Note: According to County Planning Director, Jacqueline Onciano: Residents from other unincorporated communities show up to Public Hearings in large groups; their presence alone demands attention, without being demonstrative.

Your Presence at this meeting is crucial to show the Board of Supervisors that District 1 cares about our community and we expect to be heard.

Our Concerns, Complaints, and Suggestions have been ignored for too long, and it is necessary to take a united stand! San Martin Residents Are not taken seriously.

Already, facts we present have fallen on deaf ears! Public Comments (pertaining to topics not on the Agenda) can be addressed at the beginning of the hearing. San Martin needs answers, plans, action, resolution, and commitment to Items Not On The Agenda, as well as what is on the Agenda.

Feb 11th Board of Supervisor’s meeting AGENDA ITEM #8:

 See Agenda:   http://sccgov.iqm2.com/citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=11288&Inline=True

Prior to Board of Supervisor final approval of ADUs, JADUs and Tiny Homes, We Want ACTION and ASSURANCE that Revenue WILL BE allocated to San Martin for:

  • Take measures to prevent Rural Road Parking Hazards.

  • NO Overnight Parking Street Signs.

  • Ensure an increase in CHP & Sheriff services.

  • Health & Water – The Risks of Water Contamination to rural areas on wells that have septic systems.

  • Only one school in San Martin (that was recently renovated).

DO YOU KNOWIn addition to Agenda Item #8, there are already:

  • TWO proposed RV Parks – SIZE, SCALE & INTENSITY! This urban development alone could impact San Martin with a 20% population boom – Increased Traffic – and Stress on our already Struggling Resources! What studies are being considered to protect our rural residential community from this growth? What is important to YOU?

*Confirm Attendance, & if you wish to Carpool – No Later Than NOON on Monday, Feb 10th at: info@SanMartinNeighbor.org

  • Will you be a driver, and how many can ride with you?

  • ** Meet at 9:15am on Feb 11th ** at Union Bank parking lot, Tennant Ave (Safeway Shopping Center)

  • Even if you Are Attending, please email specific concerns to the Board of Supervisors TODAY to the County Clerk, Peggy Doyle, at: Peggy.Doyle@cob.sccgov.org and cc: Christine.m.stavem@bos.sccgov.org (supervisor Wasserman’s staff)

  • Share with your neighbors. Invite Them To Join SMNA. Encourage them to attend this IMPORTANT PUBLIC HEARING!

  • Help Us Continue to Be A Voice for San Martin! DONATE to SMNA Today at www.SanMartinNeighbor.org or SMNA, P.O. Box 886, San Martin, CA 95046 Every Dollar Counts!