Dear Neighbor,

Never before has our small rural community been under threat of inappropriate development proposals as it is today. To counter this, the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance (SMNA) is launching a fundraising campaign to ensure our voices are heard and our community concerns are well represented.

We are putting out an urgent call to you, our friends and neighbors, to join us by making a contribution today to SMNA to help us protect our rural community from these threats.

What We Are Up Against

The most immediate threat is the Cordoba Center, a project that is over 3 times the size of any previous project built in our community since the 1950’s. This project would have very serious negative impacts on our groundwater, infrastructure, and environment. Despite a number of government and private agencies and organizations expressing serious concerns that this project is urban in nature and, pursuant to the Santa Clara County General Plan, is inappropriate for our rural community, the project was approved by the Santa Clara County Planning Commission in August.

The San Martin Neighborhood Alliance (SMNA) has appealed this decision to the Board of Supervisors.

There are also six more non-residential, non-agricultural, development projects currently proposed for San Martin. These are in addition to the 3 approved in the last year. This is as many projects as were approved during the entire 35-year period from 1980 – 2015. The size, scale, intensity, and impact of these proposed projects substantially exceed the combined total of the projects approved from 1980 to 2015.

This project – and other current proposals – put the rural, agricultural character of San Martin in clear and present danger.  The merits of these projects are not at issue. Their combined impact on our community is the real issue. They will have significant and unwanted impacts on our already inadequate infrastructure, environment, groundwater, open space, traffic, agriculture, and safety services.

What We Are Doing About It

SMNA is retaining legal representation to counter the legal threats made by the Cordoba Center project proponents in time for the Supervisors’ appeal hearing, redoubling our efforts to engage prior to project approvals, opposing over-sized, non-residential, non-agricultural projects, and, if approved, ensuring that all mitigations and other conditions of approval are fully implemented.

How You Can Help

We urgently need your donations to retain attorneys, environmental consultants, and to cover the cost of other associated expenses to support our efforts to protect our small, rural community. 

We welcome contributions of any amount, but would deeply appreciate the largest contribution that you can make. To kick off this campaign, and to provide the core funding for this effort, we are soliciting 100 individuals or families to contribute $250 each.  Special recognition for these 100 “Defenders of San Martin” will be made through our newsletter, but of course, you can choose to remain anonymous. You may also mail your check donation to San Martin Neighborhood Alliance at PO box 886 San Martin Ca 95046.

We continue to urge everyone to make their voice heard by writing letters and turning out for public meetings. Visit our website for further information or contact us with questions at

With deepest appreciation,

The San Martin Neighborhood Alliance