Cordoba Center Project

The South Valley Islamic Community (SVIC) is a religious organization in San Martin and has served its membership in a barn on Columbet Ave since 2001

 Preliminary project information can be found

In 2016 the County announced they were starting the EIR for the project, see here nop-cordoba_final,  The SMNA Board response to the Notice of Preparation of the EIR can be seen a t

In 2018 he County of Santa Clara prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Cordoba Center project (see project description here). The Draft EIR files can be found on the County Planning and Development website through the following link:

Comments regarding the significant environmental impacts of this project and the adequacy of the Draft EIR were submitted during the 60-day public review period which ended on July 30. 2018.  A public meeting to receive comments on the Draft EIR was held on July 12, 2018 in the Morgan Hill Community Center,   Written comments on the Draft EIR submitted by the public, organizations and agencies, including the SMNA Board are posted on

Project Description

The project proponent, South Valley Islamic Center (SVIC), proposes to develop the Cordoba Center, a multi-use religious and cultural center to serve the Muslim community of south Santa Clara County on a 15.8-acre site on Monterey Road within the unincorporated community of San Martin. The primary structures proposed include a two-story mosque and a two-story community center building, to be located on the southern portion of the project site, facing south (toward California Avenue). The western portion of the site would be used as a cemetery. A caretaker’s residence and orchard are proposed to be located along Monterey Road. SVIC current has 400 members. Maximum attendance at religious and cultural events is generally anticipated to be 300 individuals, although special events (4 times per year) could include as many as 500 attendees.

The SMNA Board submitted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Cordoba Project.

This can be read here

There are many comments made to the Draft EIR and later to the Final EIR.

The Issue has gone the SMPAC and the Planning Committee for determination.

Extensive details (including comments from many individuals and organizations) have been sent to the County ov er recent months.  All this information can be found on the County Web Site at

The latest input from SMNA was to the Planning Committee on 5/23/19 – see here

The project was granted approval at the August 22, 2019 Planning Commission​ meeting. This action was appealed. The public hearing before the Board of Supervisors is tentatively being scheduled for December 17, 2019.