Make A Pledge Today & Support SMNA! We’re pleased to offer two ‘Thank You’ gifts, in appreciation for your SMNA donations. 

$2549 Donation: San Martin, Then & Now book Authored by San Martin resident, Donna Brodsky & published by SMNA

$50+ Donation: A Yellow Mesh Safety Vest, imprinted with ‘San Martin VOLUNTEER’, and the Book, San Martin, Then & Now

Thank you for your contribution which will help to sustain our non-profit and enable us meet the goals and objectives of our Mission Statement.  San Martin Neighborhood Association (SMNA) is a 501(c)3.  

Our primary focus is the development of land, in keeping with the rural characteristics of San Martin.  Your support helps our vital organization to address local and regional issues, & to participate in making this community the best it can be.   

Make Your Pledge Today & receive a very special ‘Thank You’:

San Martin, Then & Now‘ This interesting book was authored by San Martin resident, Donna Brodsky, and published by San Martin Neighborhood Alliance. It presents the past, present and future of San Martin, featuring several families of San Martin.  You’ll find east-reading stories of strong work ethic, and tremendous sacrifices made during hard economic times to form the community it is today. A must-have for new [or old] residents!

Safety Vests: These Radians brand SVE1 Yellow Mesh vests are imprinted with ‘San Martin VOLUNTEER’ on the back.  This vest with stitched-on front and back reflective stripes is size L/XL with a zipper front, and is lightweight, comfortable & washable.  It is perfect for working around the yard, walks along the country road, or for personal safety when picking up litter or community volunteering. 

With this ‘Must Have’ item, you’re bound to be the envy of your neighbors!