San Martin Neighborhood Alliance is a way for the community to come together and discuss local issues, keep in touch with our neighbors, support and give back to the community, meet up and have fun.  Join us as a way to stay informed with what’s going on here in San Martin.

Join SMNA!  It’s Free.  Donate your time, expertise and make donations as you see fit.

The San Martin Neighborhood Alliance has a proven track record.  Join this vital organization and help address local and regional issues.  Participate in making this community the best it can be.  Keep informed and stay in touch with your neighbors.

SMNA may take positions on political issues, when they concern the welfare of our community, but we will not advocate for political candidates.  We will post notices of events of interest to the community, including events at which political candidates will appear, when they are brought to our attention.

The most cost effective and fastest way for SMNA to keep members informed is by email. We use a mail list which reaches all members. Members on this email list cannot see any other member’s email addresses and only SMNA Board Members will initiate emails.

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