Airport Issue

Thank you so much for sending your letters to tell the SCC Board of Supervisors to include the South Bay Community in discussions regarding the Reid Hillview Airport closure and diverting planes/operations to San Martin Airport.   You made a difference.

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Join Us

San Martin Neighborhood Alliance is a way for the community to come together and discuss local issues, keep in touch with our neighbors, support and give back to the community, meet up and have fun.  Join us as a way to stay informed

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Current Planning and Projects

Projects planned for San Martin are in various stages of development  and approval, some of these are very significant and have tremendous effect on our local environment, while others are consistent with our rural nature. Among the projects with greatest impact are:


San Martin RV Park – Monterey and California

Di Vittorio RV Park -E Middle at Seymour Ave

 SJC Trucks Inc -40 E. San Martin Avenue                                                      

For the latest information on these and other projects go to  the link County Planning and click on San Martin



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