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Purpose of the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance (SMNA) Mission To protect San Martin’s rural atmosphere, support positive controlled growth, promote neighborhood identity and vitality, ensure an influential voice in the local governing body, to provide members with information so they can take an active, informed role in finding viable solutions to our neighborhood concerns. Objectives •  Monitor commercial and industrial growth. •  Encourage new development to be local serving. •  Research ways to provide residents with an influential voice. •  Participate in local revitalization projects, the local governing body, and community activities. •  Keep SMNA members informed regarding local issues and events.

SMNA is a registered 501(c) (4 ) organization.


Board Of Directors

Trina Hineser President

Art Reidel,  Vice President

Sharon Luna, Director

Victor Loesche, Secretary

Kimberly Delgado, Director

Stephen McHenry, Director

John Sanders, Director Emeritus

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